Mumbai: Arnab Goswami attacked by miscreants

The miscreants threw black ink over the car and tried to escape.

Mumbai- Republic TV Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami and his wife has been allegedly attacked by two unknown miscreants tonight. In the intervening night of 22nd and 23rd April, after his regular work of 10 PM debate, Arnab Goswami and his wife were on the way back their Home when two motorcycle bike-borne persons allegedly attacked their car.

According to reports, the attackers parked their bike in front of Arnab Goswami’s car in order to get him to stop the car and then attacked it. The miscreants threw black ink over the car and tried to escape.

Republic TV founder and editor Arnab Goswami alleged he was attacked by Youth Congress workers on his way back from his studio in Mumbai. Republic World reported that the attack took place barely 500 metres away from Arnab’s house as he was driving back following his show, with his wife and Republic TV Editor Samyabrata Ray Goswami in their Toyota Corolla.

In a video, Goswami blamed Congress leaders for the attack, challening Congress president Sonia Gandhi and calling her a “coward”. He could be heard saying in the video: “At around 12:15am, I was driving back from studio with my wife. My car was overtaken by two people in two bikes. They turned to me, pointed at me, they started hitting my car and trying to break the windowpane,” he said. They were throwing some sort of liquid at the vehicle, he said. The attackers were accosted, and Goswami said the security personnel informed him they were Youth Congress workers sent specifically to assault him. “They had tailed me and they were given information by higher-ups to attack me. I want to tell you Sonia Gandhi, you are the biggest coward in the country right now. You have no guts to face me and I will hold you personally responsible. If anything were to happen to me, Sonia Gandhi will be responsible.”


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