CM N Biren Singh reveals sensational revelations regarding Manipur violence

In simple words, they have kept aside the Kuki vs Meitei violence and termed it as a waging war against India.

IMPHAL-   Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh made a sensational revelation regarding Manipur violence, which may be difficult for many people to digest. In simple words, they have kept aside the Kuki vs Meitei violence and termed it as a waging war against India.

Speaking to the media, the CM said that the current crisis in Manipur is not a conflict between ethnic groups or a mere law and order issue within the state. Rather, it is a war against the Indian Union, launched by Kuki militants from Myanmar and Bangladesh in collaboration with militant groups operating within Manipur.

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The Chief Minister thanked NIA, CBI, ARMY and Assam Rifle for arresting the accused in the case of kidnapping and murder of two Meitei students and said that we were not able to arrest those accused but the Home Minister sent a team from the center which took action and arrested the accused.

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When asked that Myanmar’s gang is also behind the violence that has been going on for the last 5 months, in response to which he said that all the information has been given in writing to the central government by NIA, after that everything has been cleared.

Let us tell you that this whole matter is not limited to this only. Several reports have emerged regarding a meeting between leaders of Manipuri tribal associations and Khalistan supporters in Surrey Gurudwara in Canada, which has sent Indian intelligence agencies into a tizzy.

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One of the key figures in this regard is Lien Gangte, president of the Canada chapter of the North American Manipur Tribals Association (NAMTA).

According to various  newspaper reports, during his visit to the gurudwara last month, the NAMTA president spoke about “atrocities on minorities” in India and what was happening to them.

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Gangte also urged the Canadian government to condemn the so-called human rights violation in India and the government of India on this. The NAMTA president even sought pro Khalistani support to run protest rallies in America.

Indian intelligence agencies have claimed that after Gangte’s speech, Nijjar’s supporters held a meeting with members of NAMTA. This development is extremely worrying, as it indicates a growing nexus between separatist groups.


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