Karnataka Result: NECCC extends Congrats to electorate for defeating BJP

GUWAHATI-  The North East Congress Coordination Committee ( NECCC )  extends its congratulations to the electorate of Karnataka for comprehensively defeating the divisive and polarization politics of BJP led by none other than the Prime Minister of India. We compliment the people of Karnataka for delivering a decisive mandate and ousting the corrupt BJP regime, stated  Diganta Chaudhury, General Secretary, NECCC

Congress entered into the election fray on issues faced by the common & poor people viz. unemployment, corruption, price rise and livelihood while “Double Engine” BJP Govt. relied on sheer money power and communal politics.

Today’s mandate amply reflects that the people of Karnataka has embraced politics of love instead of hatred and squarely voted for social harmony and economic growth, said Diganta.

Diganta further said that ” the North East Congress Coordination Committee compliments former Congress President Rahul Gandhi whose “Bharat Jodo Yatra” has played a catalyzing role in establishing the supremacy of love over hatred and the need for establishing social harmony which will propel the country towards economic prosperity” .

The North East Congress Coordination Committee also conveys its deep thankfulness to Congress President  Mallikarjun Kharge, all KPCC leaders and other Congress leaders who were an integral part of the entire INC strategy and campaign for leading the Congress party to a resounding victory in the State.

We further hope that PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah following “Raj Dharma” will now focus on restoring permanent peace in Manipur by undoing all the gaffes it made in the recent past to polarize the polity of State of Manipur, said Diaganta.


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