Manipur: Massive Peace rally in Imphal against Chin-Kuki Narco terrorism

Five point resolution also taken by people in this rally

IMPHAL-   Huge numbers of people took part in a massive rally taken out  in Imphal on 29th July, 2023 against Chin-Kuki Narco-terrorism. The rally was organised  by various organisations including the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI), the main civil society organisation of the Meitei community.

The participants of the rally, comprising men, women and elderly persons, shouted slogans like ‘Long Live Manipur’, ‘Stop Illegal Infiltration’, ‘Implement National Population Register (NPR)’, ‘No division of Manipur’, ‘protect indigenous people’, ‘protect forest and environment’, and ‘stop crime against women’.

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Five point resolution also taken by people in this rally

  1. To end the present Conflict, foreign illegal (immigrants) Chin-Kuki narco Terrorists must be totally exterminate
  2. No separate administration arrangement in Manipur. No creation of the State within the State ( Supra State)
  3. Full implementation of NRC in the state immediately
  4. To convene a Special Assembly Session by August 5, 2023 and to take a resolution to save the integrity of Manipur and convey the same to Centre
  5. A memorandum should be submitted to PM to appraise the first three resolutions.


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