Meghalaya: Mob Lynches 4 of 6 criminals escapes from Jowai Jail

Four died while one managed to escape, village headman R Rabon said.

 SHILLONG-  In an apparent case of mob justice, four out of the six criminals, who had escaped from the Jowai jail in Meghalaya on Saturday were attacked and lynched by a mob at Shangpung in Jaintia Hills district, here on Sunday

A group of six prisoners escaped from Jowai jail on Saturday, police said, after overpowering jail staff and stabbing a guard. Five of them reached Shangpung village on Sunday, about 70 km away.

One of the prisoners had gone to buy food at a tea shop on Sunday afternoon when he was identified by locals who raised the alarm, as per PTI. A large mob showed up and chased the group to a nearby forest where they were beaten up. A purported video of the incident showed angry villagers beating the prisoners with sticks.

Four died while one managed to escape, village headman R Rabon said. Inspector-General of Prisons JK Marak said, “It is true that a group of villagers apprehended four of the escaped prisoners and subsequently lynched them. Our officers have reached the area and I am awaiting more information.”

“We are ascertaining their identities but I am told that I love you Talang is among those dead,” he added. Among the escaped prisoners, police identified five undertrials as I Love You Talang, Ramesh Dkhar, Rikamenlang Lamare, Shidorki Dkhar, Lodestar Tang and the sixth as convicted murderer, Marsanki Tariang, who was serving rigorous imprisonment, as per Hindustan Times.

Officials said that Ramesh Dkhar managed to escape from the mob, while the sixth prisoner was nowhere to be seen during the attack.

As per police, I Love You Talang and Ramesh Dkhar were arrested in the twin murders of taxi drivers Damehipaia Papeng and Fullmoon Kharsahnoh in August. I Love You was dealing with stolen vehicles and was actively involved in carjacking, killing drivers and shipping off the vehicles to Kalain region of Assam, according to HT.

Superintendent of Police of West Jaitia Hills BK Marak said police officers are at the spot and “conducting spot inquiry and other necessary formalities”.

“A case has been registered in the Jowai police station against the prison staff and five of them have been arrested so far. Among the arrested prison staffers are one head warden and four wardens,” he said.


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