Nagaland polls: BJP and Congress playing Christian Card to woo voters


The BJP and Congress both the parties are playing Christian Card to woo the voters in the poll bound Christian majority state of Nagaland, which  goes to the polls on February 27.

 “We plan to send groups of senior Christian citizens to Jerusalem if our party comes to power,” , this the new promise of BJP in poll band Nagaland, which is disclosed by  BJP spokesperson James Vizo . on the other hand the Congress, has promised voters for a subsidy for the trip to Jerusalem.

The BJP offers comes a week after the Nagaland Baptist Church Council warned voters against Hindutva forces in the state. “We cannot deny that the Hindutva movement in the country has become strong and invasive in the past few years with the BJP, the political wing of the RSS, in power,” the council wrote in its letter to presidents of all political parties.

However the political leaders criticised the BJP’s announcement, especially as it came just weeks after the government cancelled Haj subsidies for Muslims. “I was right, BJP continues with subsidy if it suits its electoral needs,” All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen leader Asaduddin Owaisi said on Twitter.


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