Sikkim: Army evacuates 300 stranded tourist from Changgu

More than 300 tourists who got stranded at Changgu area in East Sikkim  following heavy snowfall on Wednesday were evacuated by the Indian Army.


The area between Changgu and adjoining areas in East Sikkim received a heavy snow fall on 27 February 2019.  Approximately 50 to 60 Civil vehicles, carrying over 300 tourists, got stranded near Changgu and adjoining areas.

Sikkim: Army evacuates  stranded tourist from Changgu

The Indian Army carried out a rescue operation in spite of snow blizzard in the area, and evacuated all stranded tourists which included women, children and elderly persons to safety.

There were number tourists who required immediate medical care due to the inclement weather and effect of high altitude. They were evacuated in army ambulances and suitable treatment was also provided.

Sikkim: Army evacuates  stranded tourist from Changgu

The tourists were bought from Changgu to 17 Mile in Army vehicles and subsequently evacuated to Gangtok.


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