The Assam Publishing Company reprints Anatole France’s ”Thaïs” after 59 years

GUWAHATI- ( By Prantik Deka )- In a heartwarming revival of literary heritage, the Assam Publishing Company has published the long-awaited second edition of Anatole France’s ”Thais” in Assamese. The publication of the book marks a significant literary milestone exactly 59 years after it was first published. Golok Chandra Datta, an esteemed translator of the state, skillfully translated the work, marking a significant milestone in his career as it was his first published translation.

Originally written by the renowned French author Anatole France, ”Thais” explores themes of love, temptation, and redemption. Golok Chandra Datta’s translation promises to convey the depth and beauty of this literary masterpiece to Assamese readers.

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Publisher Sanjay Kumar Sanyal, a prominent figure in Assam’s literary scene, expressed his profound delight at this important undertaking. He stressed the fact that the book has a significant historical significance, as he stated, “this 59-year-old book is an integral part of our translation tradition, a cultural heritage, and a vital part of our publishing history. As a result of the opportunity to publish this famous work in its second edition and make it accessible to a new generation of readers, I feel privileged.”

A thoughtfully designed cover page by the renowned artist Sourish Mitra, hailing from the vibrant city of Kolkata, graces the second edition of the Assamese translation of “Thais”. Through Mitra’s artistic sensibilities, this timeless literary work has been given a fresh visual perspective, promising readers an aesthetic experience that complements its profound themes.

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The Assam Publishing Company has priced the second edition of “Thais” at a modest Rs 250 in an effort to make the book more accessible. With this pricing strategy, literature enthusiasts and students alike will be encouraged to explore the depths of Anatole France’s storytelling through the skilled lens of Golok Chandra Datta’s translation.

Reissuing the Assamese translation of “Thais” represents not only a literary achievement, but also a celebration of Assam’s rich cultural heritage. As a result, this publication serves as a reminder of the enduring appeal of classic literature and the dedication of individuals and institutions to preserve and promote the literary treasures of the region. The reprinting of this masterpiece promises to serve as a bridge between the past and the present, allowing a new generation to appreciate the beauty of Anatole France’s prose once again.


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