Assam: wife cuts man’s genitals for allegedly neglecting her



A 20-year-old woman has been arrested after she allegedly cut off her husbands’s private part with a blade in Dhubri town of Assam.

According to Hindustan Times report, the incident took place early on Saturday at Bahadurtari area of Dhubri town when the victim, Sofiur Rahman was fast asleep.

It has been six months, Momina Khatun was married to Rahman, in his late 30s. But, Rahman, instead of living with her, kept Khatun in another house.

“Khatun told us that Rahman lived with his first wife and visited her rarely. She was upset as she was made to work in the field and not treated well,” said Longnit Terong, superintendant of police, Dhubri district.

On Friday, Khatun managed to convince Rahman to spend the night and then hacked off the man’s genitals with a knife when he was in deep sleep.

“Momina fled the scene after the crime, but Rahman’s cries for help alerted neighbours who managed to catch her and hand her over to us,” said Ajit Kumar Rai, officer in-charge of Dhubri police station.

Rahman’s private parts is not completely severed but was in critical state because of profuse bleeding.

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