ABSU Organises Blood Signature Campaign for Bodoland


The All Bodo Student’s Union alongwith other organisations organised a Dharna cum Blood signature campaign in 20 sub-divisions from kokrajhar to Jonai in support of  their demand of a separate Bodoland State.

Talking to Northeastindia24 the ABSU president Promod Boro said that “The Putting Blood ink for Bodoland through Dharna is the presentation of Bodo people about their love and respect on the unique identity and culture and also a hearty appeal to preserve it at any cost”.

“We have lost more than 5000 precious Bodo lives for the protection and preservation of our identity and now we are very much determined to achieve the goal”.  said Promod

He also added that “This movement will not stop unless government comes out with a policy decision to resolve it permanently” .


Resume Tripartite talk at political level for creation of Bodoland State.

The Ruling Government must implement their election commitment by resolving the issue of Bodoland state

Justice and constitutional right must be given to the aboriginal Bodo People living inside and outside the proposed Bodoland Area.

Promod also alleged that ” The promise of BJP to create new states is going to be proved as election gimmick as they have not done anything to resolve this long pending issue till date in spite of having provision in the constitution of India (Article 2 & 3) to create new states”.

It was the responsibility of the BJP led NDA Government to bring the issue of new states creation in the parliament for debate and discussion whatever the recommendation comes through, he added.

Promod also said that “It was the reassurance of the BJP (election manifesto) in 2014 general election to resolve Bodoland issue if they voted into power. But the prejudiced attitude has seen since they are remaining mum even after elapse of three and half years in power and fail to resolve the burning issue even after repeated mass democratic movement”.

Dharna and Blood Signature Campaign for Bodoland

He also alleged that ” the last tripartite talk held on 26th April, 2017 with the government of India and movement group i.e. ABSU, NDFB (P), PJACBM is not continued even after the assurance was given by the Union Home Minister of India to continue the talk”.

 In such a situation the joint movement group has no point to keep silence, but only to launch vigorous mass democratic agitation holding National Highway blockade, Railway blockade, indefinite economic blockade, mass hunger strike etc. We are raising our voice through democratic way of movement and will intensify unless the Government brings about a lasting solution to address our issue, Promod added

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