Assam: 3 Killed in Wild Elephants attack on Vehicles in Goalpara

GUWAHATI-    In a shocking incident, three people including a child were killed and two others injured after they were attacked by wild elephants in Goalpara district on Thursday.

Police said that “ On Thursday too, several vehicles were suddenly attacked by wild elephants in the Ekpulia area of State Highway No. 12 in Lakhipur area” .

3 people died in attack by wild elephants. The deceased include a woman and a child, while the third person killed, identified as Jaibar Ali, was traveling in a separate car. At the same time, at least three other people including the e-rickshaw driver were injured.

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As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police team reached the spot and admitted all the injured to the hospital for treatment. At the same time, the police have taken all the dead bodies in their possession and sent them to the hospital for postmortem.

In another incident, a forest officer Shadev Rai was crushed to death by wild elephants in Solmari locality during the day.

The havoc of elephants seems to be increasing continuously in Assam. After this accident, the local people are more scared than before.

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Local people said that “ wild elephants enter the area every day in search of food. Despite this information being given to the Forest Department, the Forest Department is not taking any concrete steps. Due to which 3 people lost their lives today” .

The local people have urged the state government to get rid of the herd of wild elephants. Police has also registered an FIR in this regard.

On of the local said that “ We are ashamed…. We have told the government hundreds of times that efforts should be made to get rid of the terror of elephants…. This incident has happened on the state highway… Three people have been killing. … Nothing will happen by requesting to someone….. The Chief Minister will have to take responsibility for this, only then the problem can be solved”.


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