Assam: NF Railway installed GPRS based water level monitoring system


As part of the nationwide programme to adopt modern technology to alert Railways regarding abnormal rise in water level of major rivers, NF Railway has also successfully installed a system based on Radar Technology at Saraighat Rail-cum-Road Bridge recently.

The system will automatically and continuously monitor the water level in Brahmaputra River and send SMS to pre-determined Cell phones at regular intervals.

This automated system is an improvement over manual mode of recording being adopted so far. Soon it will be integrated with the railways Track Management System (TMS).

Similar system will be installed in total 10 bridges within N.F. Railways very soon. Railwaymen looking after the system will get alert signals as soon as the water level in the river crosses danger level, so that train services can be suitably regulated to obviate any danger.

In this system, electro-magnetic waves generated in the instrument passes through the air and reaches water surface and comes back to the sensor. Distance between the instrument and water surface is calculated from travel time of waves.

Thus, a very accurate and reliable level of water is found. From site, the data goes directly to the Master System through GPRS. Alert signals are automatically sent to cell phones and TMS through an Internet based system.


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