Manipur: Petrol is being sold at Rs 170 per Ltr and potatoes at Rs 100 per kg

Not only this but all the essential items are being sold at three to four times the price.

IMPHAL- You must be surprised to read this news, but it is absolutely true that petrol is being sold at Rs.170 per Ltr and potatoes at Rs.100 per kg in a state of India. Not only this but all the essential items are being sold at three to four times the price.

Actually, due to the violence spread in the beginning of this month, an economic crisis has arisen in Manipur. The import of goods from outside has been affected in the state, due to which essential goods are available at double the price inside the state. In most areas of Manipur, essential commodities like LPG cylinders, petrol, rice, potatoes, onions and eggs are being sold at a much higher price than the fixed price.

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According to a PTI report, Manglembi Chanam, a school teacher from Imphal West district, said, “Earlier a 50 kg bag of rice was available for Rs 900, but now it is available for Rs 1800. The prices of potato and onion have also increased by Rs.20-30. The price of every item that is brought from outside the state has increased.”

Chanam told that a gas cylinder is available for Rs 1800 in the black market, whereas in many areas the price of petrol has gone up to Rs 170 per litre. He told, “The price of eggs has also increased. A crate of 30 eggs used to cost Rs 180, but is now available for Rs 300. He says that the trucks carrying essential items are kept under strict surveillance by the security forces, otherwise the prices could have increased further. He told that before the arrival of security forces, the price of potatoes had gone up to Rs 100 per kg.

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In the districts of Manipur which were not affected by the violence, there has not been much difference in the prices of essential commodities. Rebecca Gangmei, who runs a ration shop in Tamenglong district, said, “The prices of essential commodities, especially rice, have skyrocketed. While there was no violence in our district. No change was observed only in the prices of meat, as it is not imported from other states and is procured from local people only.”

Pamchuila Kashung, assistant professor at a government college in Ukhrul district, said that his district is close to Nagaland, from where goods come, due to which the prices have not increased much. However, he says that despite this, the price of rice and some other items have increased very rapidly.

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Actually, the Maiti community had demanded the status of Scheduled Tribe (ST). In protest against this, a Tribal Solidarity March was organized in Imphal Valley on 3rd May. This was followed by violence between the Meitei and Kuki communities, in which more than 70 people were killed. Road blockades were carried out at various places, due to which the movement of trucks in the state was affected. There was also fear among the transporters that due to this march there could be violence in Manipur. Because of this, the supply of essential goods in the state was affected. Imphal West district was the most affected in this violence. If the situation worsened, around 10,000 army and para-military personnel were deployed in the state. Defense Spokesperson says that the Security Forces are trying their best to restore normalcy in the state.

Let us tell you that Maiti community is 53 percent of the total population of Manipur, people of this community mostly live in Imphal Valley. At the same time, Naga and Kuki tribes together make up 40 percent of Manipur’s population. Both these communities live mainly in the hilly districts of Manipur.


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