Mizoram: MNYF refute Molin’s statement on CADC Monsoon Session and member disqualification

KAMALANAGAR-  Office bearers of CADC Mizo National Youth Front on Thursday expressed utter shock and dismay at the wrong information supplied to the media by their President Molin Kumar Chakma regarding the CADC Monsoon Session and recent disqualification of a member of the Council,  stated in a press release jointly issued by L. Santosh Chakma  Sr Vice President and Amar Bikash Chakma, Gen. Sec of  CADC-MNYF.

The release said that ” Mr Molin Kumar Chakma, through a press release issued on 22nd September, 2021, had alleged that CADC Chairman Mohan Chakma had failed to conduct the CADC monsoon session even after a lapse of more than 5 months and also termed the disqualification of Rasik Mohan Chakma from membership of District Council by the Chairman as an “illegal act”.

Sr. Vice-President L. Santosh Chakma and General Secretary Amar Bikash Chakma of the youth front in another press release dated 24 September, 2021, have alleged that their president had issued the earlier press release containing wrong information in the name of CADC MNYF at his own will and without consulting the other office bearers of the executive body for his self-vested interest.

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“The last session of Chakma Autonomous District Council was conducted on 4th June, 2021 and the next session is scheduled to commence on 4th October, 2021 which is within the time frameas provided by the CADC (CCB) Rules, 2002, therefore, the allegation of “the Chairman’s failure to conduct the CADC monsoon session after a lapse of 5 months” is completely baseless, they said.

On the contention that the Chairman’s action of disqualifying  Rasik Mohan Chakma for holding “office of profit” was “ultra-vires and beyond the authority of the Chairman”, it has clarified that Rule 12 of the CADC (CCB) Rules, 2002, clearly states that the power to disqualify a member is vested with the Chairman, while the Rule 13 merely pertains to the “removal or reduction of the period of disqualification”, the power of which is vested with the Governor, the release said.

“Our president Molin Kumar Chakma seem to have provided wrong information to the media regarding CADC Sessions and the proceedings of disqualification of member due to his vague understanding and misinterpretation of the relevant rules of CADC (CCB) Rules, 2002, it said,  They stated in the press release.


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