Mizoram police arrested self-proclaimed miracle performer james lalramliana for sexual abuse of minor girl

AIZAWL : Mizoram police has apprehended self-proclaimed miracle performer James Lalramliana for  allegedly sexually abusing a minor girl.

According to reports coming from Mizoram , a minor girl from Sailutar has confessed that James Lalamliana who has been doing ministry in their village for the past months was frequently intimate with her and have often made her drink alcohol.

After the shocking revelation was made, an FIR was registered in Darlawn police station

The sexual abuse allegedly happened during one of James’ bizzare ministry where teenage minors were forced together in a church for 40 days. They alleged that James would often requests their presence with him inside the “Holy place”.

The victim further alleged that James threatened to kill her family with supernatural power if she does not comply. The minor made this confession during a prayer meeting and have expressed guilt and shame over it. An FIR was registered in Darlawn , and Darlawn police have apprehended James yesterday in Aizawl.

Meanwhile,  many followers in Sailutar who have allegedly defended him in the past even after his alleged crimes started to surface. He was reported to have taken shelter in the village’s Sunday school hall, but later relocated to an apartment provided by his followers.

It is important to note that James have performed many supposed “Miracles” including transforming water into wine. Fw months ago, his failed attempt at resurrecting a dead man through his “Power” and prayer created a big buzz in Mizoram.

Over the past years, many intellectuals and religious leaders in Mizoram have expressed concerns over his style of ministry.


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