Mizoram: Six Chakma families get eviction notice from Village Council


At least Six Chakma families residing  on the banks of Tlawng river in Kolasib district of Mizoram get eviction notification from the Village council. The Council  have been given a time limit till the end of February to vacate the area.

Hortoki, village council in the northern Mizoram’s Kolasib district has served a notice of eviction to six families who have been allegedly illegally residing on the banks of Tlawng River.  The village council authority on Friday verified that six Chakma families.

The village council president said the families live in makeshift houses in two locations, two families at one location and another four at another location. The six families have around 25 members, including minors.

He said the families had moved from Baichora, Assam. “We have come to learn that they have lived in this area illegally since last year,” he said, adding that they have informed the authority about these illegal settlers. The village council verified that these families are not citizens of Mizoram.

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