Nagaland Assembly Election: NPCC Decides to support secular candidates


The Executive Committee of NPCC meeting held on Saturday  has decided to support secular party candidates wherever INC candidates are not contesting. All Congress rank and file are directed to carry out the decisions in letter and spirit, stated in a press release issued by NPCC.

According to the press release, NPCC has to take the above decision to salvage the people of Nagaland from sinking in the Hindutva quicksand. For over two and a half years, NPCC has been educating the people on the danger of Hindutva.

However, it is shocking to see the rush of candidates to BJP. It is also shocking that NDPP decided to share Nagaland Assembly seats with the BJP by providing them 20 seats ignoring the cry and fear of the people. Born out of dissident activities, NDPP must have blown their minds for money and power, added in the press release.

it is also mentioned in the press release, that the  founding leader divorced the NDPP easier than Triple Talaq but took her back without any political reason, only to find a new wife in the BJP. They are all fully aware of how minorities and minority religions are persecuted and are suffering under BJP rule. We are living in a depleted state because of NDPP leadership. ABCC has acknowledged that he is the one responsible for bringing Hindutva in the State. We want to see ABCC show their testimony in the near future.

press release said that the cry of NBCC should not go in vain. Therefore, Congress has taken the decision to support secular political party candidates wherever INC is not contesting. The decision is aimed to stop BJP and its alliance partners from compromising the rights of our people and our way of life. Towards, this objective, INC will welcome any secular minded parties and leaders from forming a broad consensus to provide secular and stable government and to stop the tide of Hindutva forces in Nagaland.

NBCC is right – the choice is between the “Trishul or the Cross”, said in the press release.


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