Assam: Hailakandi administration issues 144 CrPC order ahead of Holi festival


Sprinkling of coloured water, cow dung, mud and toxic substances during Dol Jatra (Holi) on unwilling persons and security personnel on duty has been prohibited in entire Hailakandi district.

An order imposing Section 144 CrPC has been issued ahead of Holi festival by Hailakandi District Magistrate Keerthi Jalli here on Saturday.

The order has been issued for maintenance of peace and public order during the ensuing Dol Jatra festival which falls on March 9 and 10.

“Sprinkling of coloured water, cow dung, mud and toxic substances at unsuspecting passers by are likely to cause annoyance, danger to human life and  safety; and there is likelihood of the disturbance of public peace and tranquillity,” said a district administration official adding, “We are ordering Section 144 during the next few days.”

This order shall come into force with effect from March 8 and shall remain in force till March 12.

The police said that utmost care is being taken to ensure that people do not indulge in pushing, hustling or obstructing any passers by on any public thoroughfare.

“Throwing coloured water or powder, cow dung, mud or any other liquid through any means or applying any colour on the face or any other part of the body of any unwilling person would be taken as violation of the order and such people would be punished,” said a police officer.



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