Lynching Case: 2 people in Jharkhand, 1 in Bengal lynched



First Telangana then Assam and now Jharkhan and Bengal are also reporting lynching cases wherin three people have been lynched in two different incidents.

In Jharkhand 

Two people were lynched in Godda district of Jharkhand  on Wednesday for allegedly stealing cattle from the house of a villager. The duo were caught by the villagers in the morning and was beaten to death after a cattle was recovered from one of the victims. The victims belonged to a nearby village.

According to Indian Express Till now, police have arrested four people who were involved in the lynching and have beefed up security in Santhal village.

Godda SP said a group of five people had stolen 12 buffaloes from a village but were caught when they reached the next village. However, three of them managed to escape while two were beaten to death. The SP said the victims had previous criminal cases of cattle theft registered against them and were habitual offenders.

Meanwhile  two FIRs have been lodged – one of murder by the mob and another for stealing buffaloes.

In Bengal 

Another report is from Bengal . According to Hindustan times an unidentified man suspected of being a child-lifter was allegedly tied to an electricity post and beaten to death by a mob in Bengal’s Malda district on Wednesday.

Until afternoon, police had arrested three people for the crime on the basis of a video of the incident. Police said that the victim was in his thirties, and appeared to be a homeless man.

According to sources, a mob confronted the victim at Bulbulchandi-Dubapara village in Habibpur and asked him why he had come there. When his response failed to satisfy them, they tied him to an electricity post and began beating him.

Upon receiving a tip-off, police rushed to the scene and took the injured man to the Malda Medical College and Hospital. However, he died soon afterwards.

Subhajit Jana, who is officiating for the Habibpur block development officer, said steps would be taken to prevent further incidents of the kind in the area. “We are planning to organise an awareness camp aimed at discouraging rumours of child-lifting from tomorrow. Local villagers and clubs will participate,” he said, adding that not a single child has been kidnapped from the locality in the recent past.


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