OP HOPESTAR : An Act of Bravery and Selfless Service by Indian Army


Indian Army is the bastion and epitome of gallantry, disciplined and selfless service to the nation. In keeping with the best traditions and ethos of the Army, on 16 February, the brave soldiers of Indian Army deployed in Barpeta Districts of Lower Assam gave an excellent measure of bravery, decisive action and sacrifice in saving a drowning village woman from a fast flowing, deeping and icy cold Nausatra Nallah.

At around noon time, the soldiers of nearby post heard intense commotion near the post and noise coming from Patvaushi Bridge of Nausatra Nallah. Two Army officials from the post immediately reached the site of commotion and were informed about the drowning woman at the centre of the Nallah.

The senior Army official (JCO) took immediate decision and siezed initiative by directing the NCO, a good swimmer to jump in and swim towards the drowning woman. While the NCO jumped in, the senior counterpart (JCO) made quick arrangements to gather rescue material like rope, tyre, tubes and bamboos. Meanwhile swimming against the current the NCO inched close to the woman and finally reached after 30 meters of intense swimming.

The tiring woman was at the fag end of her energy when the NCO reached her and gathering all his strength swam back towards the bank.

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The cold water of the Nallah with fast flowing rubble added to the difficulty of rescue. However without caring for own safety, life or limb the NCO kept swimming with the woman in tow. As the NCO reached close to the bank, the alert JCO who was controlling the entire operation from the banks jumped in with rope and bamboo sticks and helped the now tiring NCO get the woman to safety.

The entire rescue operation which was extremely dangerous and could have resulted in loss of life of the woman and her saviours was executed impeccably without any loss of life.

The entire act of chivalry and gallantry in saving a local woman from sure death was lauded by all locals present at site. The Indian Army once again displayed its compassionate and courageous tradition of always being ready to help its Citizens in time of need,in addition to securing the Borders from eternal threat and internal  strikes.


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