Why Controversy over the film ‘The Kerala Story’

One section is dismissing the film as propaganda while the other section is telling it the ground reality of Kerala.

The Kerala Story Controversy: Today we will talk about the film which got embroiled in controversies even before its release. The name of the film is “The Kerala Story”. This film, claiming the disappearance of 32 thousand girls from Kerala, has divided politics and society into two factions. One section is dismissing the film as propaganda while the other section is telling it the ground reality of Kerala.

Actually the whole controversy is about the figure of 32 thousand. The film’s teaser claimed that 32,000 women from Kerala were forcibly converted to Islam, who later joined the terrorist group ISIS.

First of all listen to the story of the film. Shalini Unnikrishnan… is a girl from Kerala who leaves home with dreams in her eyes that she will become a nurse and serve the people. But when hijab, religion, jihad became a part of her life during training, she did not even know when she was converted  from Shalini to Fatima.

Why Controversy over the film 'The Kerala Story'

In this way, the mission of a girl completely trapped in the clutches of ISIS, turned from service to terror.

This is the story line of the film ‘The Kerala Story’, whose teaser has started a new controversy across the country.

In the teaser released on YouTube by Sun Shine Pictures on 3 November 2022, The Kerala Story claims that 32000 Hindu and Christian girls from Kerala were forcibly converted and sent out of the country to join ISIS.

When a question was asked about this to the director of the film, Sudipto Sen, He said that “ In the year 2010, the then Kerala CM Oommen Chandy had placed a report before the assembly. He had said that every year around 2,800 to 3,200 girls are converting to Islam. Just calculate the next 10 years from this. This number will come near about 30 to 32 thousand” said Sudipto.

According to media reports, on this issue not in 2010, but in  2012, then chief minister Oommen Chandy tabled a report in the Kerala Assembly and said that 7,713 people had converted to Islam from 2006 to 2012. The information provided by Chandy was in his response to a question raised by CPI(M) leader KK Latika. Talking about women, Chandy said 2,667 girls had converted to Islam since 2006.

Friends, 32 thousand is not a small figure. If 32 thousand women went missing only in one state Kerala, love-jihad happens with them, their religion is converted and they become part of terrorist organization then there will be upheaval in the society, and this issue is become an international issue.

Why Controversy over the film 'The Kerala Story'

Keeping in mind the growing controversy over the figures here, the filmmaker took a U-turn. When the trailer of the film was released on May 1, 2023, it was changed. Where earlier 32,000 women were said to have been forcibly converted, now the new version says that three women were brainwashed and converted. After which they were sent on terrorist missions.

But Adah Sharma, the lead actress of the film has also reacted and speaking to ANI, she said that the figure of 32,000 missing girls in the film is not exaggerated. I myself have met girls who have not only lived this horror story but have also seen it happen to them.

Ada further said- I am also scared to hear that some people are telling this film as propaganda, whereas it is all true. I can’t believe people are going after how many girls have gone missing from Kerala. Whereas they should give justification as to how these girls disappeared from Kerala.

‘Congress leader Shashi Tharoor objected to the teaser of ‘The Kerala Story’ and tweeted a poster of the film, writing that ‘this may be the story of your Kerala, not of our Kerala’.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan also commented on the makers of ‘The Kerala Story’, saying that prima facie the trailer of the film appears to be ‘deliberately produced’ with the alleged aim of creating communal polarization and spreading hatred against the state. He said that despite this, Kerala has been shown as the main base of the film to humiliate the state in front of the world.

At the same time, some organizations have announced cash rewards to prove the claim of 32,000 women were said to have been forcibly converted.

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Muslim Youth League chief P.K. Firoz said that if the makers of the film could prove that the story was indeed true, he would give them one crore rupees.

The second announcement came from a blogger K. By Nazir Hussain. He said that he would give Rs 10 lakh to anyone who could provide proof that the women were converted and forced to join the Islamic State.

At the same time, Shukkur, a lawyer and actor, also wrote on Facebook that he would give Rs 11 lakh to anyone who would name the women from Kerala who were converted and then joined the Islamic State.

Meanwhile, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind has approached the Supreme Court against the film. This organization has demanded the Supreme Court to stay the release of the film (May 5).

 On the other hand, the censor board has given permission to release the film ‘The Kerala Story’ with an ‘A’ certificate, but before that it has also cut 10 scenes from the film, including the interview of a former Chief Minister of Kerala. Including many scenes are included. Some dialogues in the film have also been removed from the film, considering them objectionable.

Adah Sharma is playing the lead role in The Karel Story. Apart from Ada, Sonia Balani, Yogita Bihani and Siddhi Idnani are also in important roles in the film. This film is going to be released in theaters on 5 May. It is directed by Sudipto Sen and produced by Vipul Amritlal Shah.


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