Manipur: Army rescues accident victims, recovers vehicle in senapati

Manipur- The troops of Indian Army rescued two persons and recovered a Bolero Jeep vehicle which had slipped off the Tamei to Takou road in Senapati District of Manipur on Jun 03.

Based on distress call received from the locals the troops from the nearest Army camp promptly responded along with a medical team and a recovery vehicle. The vehicle had veered off the narrow road due to the slush of mud created by incessant rains in the region.

The team rescued two injured persons identified Mr Kalingan Bau, age 26 yrs and Mr Similar, 22 yrs and evacuated them to the Army medical facility at Tamei for administering emergency lifesaving treatment.

The injured persons were later referred to RIMS Hospital at Imphal for specialist medical surgery and are reported to be stable as per last report. In a simultaneous action the other team from Army safely recovered the accident vehicle from a precarious position.

The relatives of the patients and the locals appreciated the efforts of the troops in inclement weather. The community also expressed their gratitude and satisfaction for the immediate response provided by the Indian Army to save the youth.


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