Assam: Subedar Rameshwar, A Man with a Golden Heart

Subedar Rameshwar who performed his duties with dedication, Love and sympathy. He is truly a “Man with a Golden Heart”

Subedar Rameshwar, A Man with a Golden Heart ( By:  Ranjeet Baruah )-  It has been raining continuously for the past two days. Sky has become dark, Lightening was heavy, shops have closed down early, everybody is inside their home, and even cattle are inside their covered shelter. I was enjoying my tea sitting in varanda when suddenly a lightning struck the road in front of my house and in the silhouette I saw two army vehicles moving on the road.

Seeing these vehicles moving in heavy rains I was suddenly reminded of a noble soul Subedar  Rameshwar Prasad of 12 Assam Rifles who during 2014 rains came as a messiah for villagers. He and his team worked day and night to rescue the stranded villagers, their cattle and belonging. He organized the medical and vetenary camp for the village and provided us with the relief aid.

The contribution of his team during the flood relief activities is still remembered by the people of the flood affected areas of Nameri, Sootia, and Daflagarh and nearby villages which face the wrath of floods on an annual basis leaving the poor villagers to fend for themselves. It was only because of Subedar Rameshwar Prasad and the likes of him that the villagers could be rehabilitated despite facing devastation.

Subedar Rameshwar Prasad was different. He was an extremely humble and caring person, who had an element of care and compassion in his heart and respected our cultures and traditions enough, so as not to disturb it. After the flood relief operation he had developed a good bonhomie with the villagers.

He use to regularly visited our village and nearby places for operations and humanitarian support. He was always ready to help the villagers and anyone can approach him without hesitation. His active participation and keen interest towards the welfare of the area was largely appreciated by the various communities in the area.

On 02 Jan 2015, the sky was once again dark and it poured heavily. But later we heard shocking news which was very difficult to believe, that Subedar Rameshwar Prasad had sustained serious injuries in an operation against insurgents somewhere in Nameri Reserve Forest and was evacuated to hospital in Tezpur.

Sadly, we came to know that Subedar Rameshwar could not recover and succumbed to his injuries. Even the rain God wept that day. Whenever I see soldiers moving around and carrying out their duties I am often reminded of this gentleman, Subedar Rameshwar who performed his duties with dedication, Love and sympathy. He is truly a “Man with a Golden Heart”.


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