Assam: Army promotes Bodo indigenous sporting event ‘Khomlainai’

India Army promotes Bodo indigenous sporting event ‘Khomlainai’ as part of Operation Sadhbhavna


Games hold a mirror to Civilization. The very word ‘Game’ is a universal one and does not have any cultural and linguistic boundaries. Games echo the reflections of the traditions and ethos of a particular country or an area.

With the passage of time certain regional and indigenous games are disappearing from our society and one of these games is “Khomlainai” (Bodo Wrestling) which is one of the oldest Bodo Indigenous Game. To revive Khomlainai, as part of Operation Sadhbhavna, unit of the Red Horns Division organised a Khomlainai Tournament at Dhekiajuli Stadium, Sonitpur from 12-13 November 2018.

Bodoland Indigenous Games Association has been taking keen interest in reviving the Bodo Games and has organised various tournament in the BTAD area. However, a mega event to promote the fading games has not yet been organised in the recent past.

Unit of the Red Horns Division in close collaboration with the Bodoland Indigenous Games Association and various Student Associations of Sonitpur successfully organised Khomlainai Tournament from 12 – 13 November 2018.

The people supported this unique initiative of the Army to revive the Bodoa Indigenous Games. Large number of participants from various parts of the BTAD actively participated in the Khomlainai Tournament.

In addition to Khomlainai,  other Indigenous Bodo Games were also demonstrated alongwith a cultural programme showcased by the Bodos, Assamese and Adivasis. The event was widely appreciated by the students and people who turned out in large numbers to witness the Indigenous Sporting Bonanza.

The closing ceremony of the Khomlainai Tournament was held on 13 November 2018 at Dhekiajuli Stadium, Sonitpur during which  GOC, Red Horns Division  felicitated the winners and encouraged all the participants for their active participation in the tournament.

The promotion of such events is necessary to revive and promote the Indigenous Games which otherwise shall go into oblivion.


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