Assam: From Dusty Lanes to Shining Sky

Guwahati – ” From Dusty Lanes to Shining Sky”  This story is of a young boy who never had money for two meals, but now he is going to become an engineer with the help of the army, — By Girish Das.

Dreams are not those which we see while sleeping but they are the ones which do not let us sleep’. One could witness the same tenacity and vivaciousness in the eyes of a local boy in the year 2017.

Ronsoi has bagged AIR 312 in the engineering entrance exam and ready to join NIT, Raipur but the only thing towering between him and his dreams was shortage of funds required for admission. This is when an unit of Indian Army in Diglipara came to the rescue of this young lad with the requisite finances and helped him for admission.

Today its indeed a great time to cherish that with the support of this unit and three years of hard work, Ronsoi is all set to bring revolution in the engines of F1 Racing Cars, he is all set to make a mark in automobile industry by joining TATA motors at the end of his graduation.

 “The journey from the rags to rich wasn’t an easy one, along with grit and determination, it also required money which was provided by Army at the time of my admission, I’ll never forget what the Army has done for me, they gave wings to my dreams, they made my life” he mentioned with tears of joy in his eyes.

 Ever since his childhood, life has been hard on Ronsoi. Losing his father at the most difficult phase of his life and the hunger in the belly forced his mother as a daily wage worker in a bottle manufacturing company of Guwahati earning just enough to keep her family alive, the nature also showed no empathy towards the family as the house was swept away during heavy rains forcing Ronsoi to take shelter in his relative’s place.

Ronsoi also had to work as a construction labour on weekends to minimise the suffering of his family and to repay the loads of debt the family had incurred during treatment of his father. Sister’s education, daily survival for bread, own school fees and mother’s deteriorating health, these are enough to break down any individual but during these battered times, Ronsoi emerged even more determined and resilient to fulfil his dreams.

Ronsoi rose from the ashes like a phoenix, undeterred by fate, firm and tough to accomplish his dreams. The years of toil came to be successful when he is about to complete mechanical designing and engineering at NIT, Raipur. Ronsoi gives credit of his success to his mentor Mr GK Basumathary, the director of Kokrajhar UN Academy and Indian Army unit in Diglipara, who stood alongside him to ensure the required support to pursue his dreams.


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