Cabinet Approves Citizenship Amendment Bill In Parliament

BIG BREAKING-  Cabinet Approves Citizenship Amendment Bill In Parliament, protest continue all over Assam .


The Cabinet has approved Citizenship Amendment Bill (2016) in the Lok Sabha on January 7. The bill now grants Indian citizenship by naturalisation to communities such as Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jains, Parsis and Sikhs, fleeing persecution in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Citizenship would be granted to those who have lived in India for six or more years. The government had argued that the bill is intended to those ‘escaping persecution’ and not for economic migrants.

details awaited–

Watch Video of Nude protest against citizenship bill

The Congress, TMC, CPI(M) and a few other parties were steadfastly opposing the bill claiming citizenship cannot be given on basis of religion, as India is secular.



  1. Fuck modi fuck Bjp.modi U n Ur party cannot dictate da country. We r ready to die for our land n right.c Modi a day wl come dat India wl b in fire.if not india northeast wl defninetly coz ur plan is to make northeast as dumping zone

  2. Citizenship(Amendment) Bill 2016 is a matter of concern to the people of Assam & North East.
    But this bill can be implemented with some changes after discussing with all concerned, in the following manner:
    1) Those who migrated to Assam before 25 March 1971 & fulfils criteria of this bill & Assam Accord may remain in Assam,
    abiding by agreement made with ASSU long back.
    Part/Remaining people covered by this bill may be be deported to other parts of India so as to safeguard interests of
    the people of Assam & NE states. It should be a concern for everyone , all over India.
    2) Some people argue that this bill violates Article 14 of the Constitution of India which guarantees right to equality.
    But until citizenship is awarded , they all should be declared as foreigners first. Those foreigner are not bound by
    constitution of india until they are awarded citizenship.

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