Kaziranga University conducts Technological Extravaganza


Committed towards the advancement of technical education in the North-East, Kaziranga University organised a first of its kind technological event ‘TechBlitz’ for Class 12 students on the 10th and 11th of November 2017. A fun-filled technological extravaganza, TechBlitz was attended by 700 students from schools all across Assam and the North-East on the 10th of November, while a similar number is expected to attend on the 11th as well.

With the intention of offering to students path-breaking leaning experiences at par with 21st century global standards, this programme has been organized by Kaziranga University with the objective of enabling students to understand the various technological tools and equipment that are being used in the industry today.

 Open for Science students in the final year of high school, this event provided them with the opportunity to practically participate in the scientific experiments, and gain an understanding of the fields of technology and engineering, under the guidance of experts at the University.

This two-day event consists of workshops and seminars, and demonstrations in Robotics and Ethical Hacking among several other domains. The students got the opportunity to not only physically and practically operate a live robot, but also understand the various nuances of robot-making and building a live robot.

Kaziranga University organised a first of its kind technological event ‘TechBlitz’ for Class 12 students on the 10th and 11th of November 2017.

Apart from this, live hacking demonstrations were shown to the students during the lecture series, introducing them to the concept of ethical hacking and cyber security.  The students were also exposed to the use of pocket computers through Raspberry Pi.

This workshop also provided the students a chance to familiarise themselves with various other equipment and machines in the workshops and laboratories of the Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering departments.

TechBlitz has been organized with the aim of helping young students understand the need of the industry today, and empowering them to choose their field of passion as they stand on the brink of choosing their future careers.

This event is a clear reflection of Kaziranga University’s commitment to developing quality individuals from the North-East, who will be equipped with the knowledge and skills required for the growth of the nation. Shaping young minds has always been a priority for the University, and with events like TechBlitz, the University will continue working towards that goal.

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