Assam: ABSU organises Special Women’s Convention at Rangia


The girls members of All Bodo Student’s Union ABSU declare 2018  as  the “year of All Round Awareness and Development for Women” and organized 1500 meetings all over the state for women of different age group  according to necessity.

This was declared in a  Special Women’s Convention by women members of ABSU was convened at Haradatta  Biradatta Hall at Rangia on the 31st of December 2018 with the mission of providing a forum for educating, engaging, connecting and promoting women to become successful leaders in diverse fields.

A strong resolution was taken to frame policies in this Special Convention to sensitize gender equality in the society for the all round awareness and development for women. It was declared in the meeting that 1500 numbers of meetings would be organized in the year 2018 wide across the state of Assam to discuss diverse issues pertaining to all round development of women and society. ABSU planning to execute the Mission Master Race given by Bodofa Upendra Nath Brahma in to reality through different activities and in the year 2018 and making a policy to organized 16000 awareness meetings majorly on quality education and women development. It will comprise the social, economic, culture, sports and health issues in the mission for understanding and necessary actions.

The convention  was presided by Miss Rangina Borgoyary, Secretary Central ABSU and keynote address of the meeting citing the objectives of this Special Women Convention was delivered by Promod Boro, President ABSU. Meanwhile there were more than 500 women delegates in the special convention.

Jennifer Liang, Managing Trustee of The Ant & Pratibha Brahma, a social activist addressed the house in the Special Women Convention. Challenges of working for gender equality and discourse on various women issues for progress and development of society of was laid emphasis in the discussion.

Calling on the need for women leaders to lead society, she first analysed why there were no women leaders. She spoke about the whole concept of gender differences which makes rules, roles and behaviors for men and women separate. She said that there was no problem in differences but the problem came when because of these differences, a huge gap is formed between men and women in society and women are left behind and unable to come up. She then spoke about the system of patriarchy which promotes these differences and keeps women unequal and lower than men. Jennifer talked about the ways in which patriarchy keeps women lower than men i.e. Deprivation (of things like political power and property etc); discrimination (e.g. in schooling, health etc) and also through atrocities against women in all stages of life.

These she said were barriers which existed externally not allowing women to come up but she also said that there were internal barriers inside each of us. Deep seated beliefs which keep us submissive and under-confident. She called on each person to break these internal barriers – by daring, by challenging, by learning, by coming together. To solve society’s complex problem, we need leadership both of men and women who enjoy privilege and power to take on responsibility.

Social worker Pratibha Brahma has also emphasis on the necessity of awareness on different issues among women in her speech. She also discussed on the issues which are directly or indirectly   disturbing the women empowered since many decades. She also encouraged the womens to participate in social sensitization and development activities. She also said to pledge against the alcohol and gambling.

The Bodo society has been struggling hard to build a quality and develop society since many decades, but prioritizing the issues and making a scientific planning was a difficult task for the society and its organizations. ABSU making lots of awareness campaign on different issues for last many decades but the goal has not been achieved till now, so the union is going to intensify different activities of social development from the coming year 2018, which is going to be declared in the closing ceremony of Golden Jubilee of ABSU.

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