Jorhat- Hope project centres observes World AIDS Day


The World AIDS day was observed  in the entire 16 Bridge of Hope project centres in the Arch Diocese of Jorhat under leadership of Arch Bishop Dr. Juria Bardhan.

The day was scheduled with rally by the students in the nearest area along with distribution of tracts. In the rally they all shouted different slogans regarding the AIDS prevention and secure. Soon after the rally the parents were invited for the meeting where speakers from the project centre spoke to the parents regarding the history of AIDS and how it can be prevented.

In one of the project centre they even lighted candle for all those who died as an AIDS patient in the entire world. They conducted prayer services for all those who are suffering due to HIV positive.

The day was appreciated by some of the Village leaders, public figures as they think it’s one of the burning problems in the world and awareness can make people aware and prevent them from these diseases.

Thus the entire project centre organised the day with giving the much importance and deign the problem AIDS as a threat to the society which can be prevented by proper awareness.


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