Assam: Aaranyak calls for action against Poisoning of birds in Jania

An environmental enthusiast has claimed that hundreds of birds in Barpeta district are being poisoned in the crop field.....

GUWAHATI-   A recent incident of poisoning that has resulted in death of hundreds of birds at Jania in Barpeta district of Assam, which has caught the attention of Samaritans, environmental enthusiasts, and conservationists.

According to a video circulated through media, a local and an environmental enthusiast has claimed that hundreds of birds in Mahammadpur Gram of Barpeta district are being poisoned in the crop field by few local miscreants.  These miscreants have applied some poisonous substances in their crops in order to keep birds away from their crops. The birds are dying from consumption of the crops.

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In his statement to the media, the local environment enthusiast who has expressed concern about birds being poisoned to death, also has appealed to the crop field owners and the competent authority to take necessary measures to stop this apocalypse to the birds.

In response to the issue, Dr. Bibhab Kumar Talukdar, the Secretary General and CEO of Aaranyak expressed his deep concern.  Dr Talukdar said “It is very unfortunate to learn about this mass scale loss of birds due to poisoning. I appeal to village head men and Village Defence Patrol (VDP) groups to come forward to initiate basic awareness among villagers. I would also like to request district administration and forest officials to take action as per legal provision to bring culprits to justice.”

The Team Aaranyak has expressed deep concern over it since birds play an important role in crop ecosystems. They aid in pest control by consuming insects and small rodents that can damage crops, reducing the need for chemical pesticides. As well as pollination, birds facilitate the reproduction of many plant species, including those that are used for food. Their foraging behaviors also help with seed dispersal, contributing to the overall diversity and health of agricultural landscapes.

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Birds’ presence in crop fields creates a balanced ecosystem, promoting biodiversity and sustainability while minimizing crop losses. Protecting bird populations ensures the resilience and productivity of agricultural systems for a secure food supply.

Aaranyak has expressed gratitude to the local enthusiast who has brought this issue to the attention of the public, and also appealed to the competent authority to take action against the culprits and to prevent the more such deaths of birds.


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