Assam: Show cause to Saint Mary’s school for creating panic on MR vaccination

DA, Hailakandi, has asked Inspector of Schools, to serve show cause notice on the authorities of St.Mary’s School,  for creating panic on  MR vaccination.


Deputy Commissioner, Hailakandi, Adil Khan has asked Inspector of Schools, Rajiv Kumar Jha to serve show cause notice on the authorities of St.Mary’s School, Paikan for seeking a declaration from parents/guardians that the school will not be responsible for any side effects resulting from Measles Rubella vaccine.

Principal of the school, Father Michael Toppo has prepared an undertaking that he intends to take from parents/guardians that they had no objection to vaccinate their wards and that the school would not be held responsible in the event of any side effects resulting from MR vaccination.
Directing Inspector of Schools, Jha to show cause the school authorities, Deputy Commissioner Khan said framing of own set of rules in contravention to the Government and WHO guidelines will unnecessarily scare away the parents from vaccinating their children thus putting their lives in peril.
Joint Director, Health Services, Dr. Avijit Basu has asked the Additional Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr.Abed Rasul Mazumder and District Immunization Officer, Dr.K.Thambalsena to take up the matter in right earnest with the nodal teacher of the school to set matters right with the school authorities.
Vaccination will take place in the school on October 4 from 9 am onwards.

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